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R.S.R.D.C. is a state Government undertaking executing important Highway, Bridge and building projects in Rajasthan, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Moreover trying to get major works in other states. 

R.S.R.D.C. lays great emphasis upon speed and quality of the on going projects. The projects are being executed as per approved specifications, and these specifications are to be checked, time to time by performing quality control tests in field laboratories or else where, as per codal provisions. One fully equipped quality control lab has been established in R.S.R.D.C. H.O. at Jaipur under control of project Director (Quality Control). 

As quality control is an important activity during execution of a project, Quality control Unit ensures actual working of quality control laboratories at various sites of R.S.R.D.C. and is responsible for uploading photographs of Quality Control laboratories on web site of R.S.R.D.C. too. 

Quality Control tests are being performed at field laboratory by field staff, Project Director (Q.C), D.G.M. Concerned, C.P.M/G.M. and Managing Director R.S.R.D.C. regularly. Some of the tests which cannot be performed in field laboratories are being performed at central lab of R.S.R.D.C. at Jaipur or from any approved Q.C. laboratory. 

Inspection of works is being carried out by Quality Control team headed by Project Director (Q.C) time to time in which due quality control tests are being performed and quality control records are also being checked. 

Project Directors have been directed to link the quality control results with monthly payments and to reject the sub standard work, if test results obtained are unacceptable as per IS standards. 

After conducting quality control tests, return of test results are being submitted to Managing Directors R.S.R.D.C. for perusal every month.

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