Latest News, Office Orders, Notices & Guidelines

  1. Office Order regarding A.P.A. and Childrens Information  regarding D.P.C.  dated 04-06-2018
  2. Environment and Social Safeguard Monitoring & Review of  CET and New Works   Rajasthan Road Sector Modernisation Project (RRSMP)
  3. PWD Subordinate Staff Retairement Order (1-4-2018 to 31-3-2018)
  4. GGP (All Phases) Zone-Circle-Division-wise online Status of Data in MIS software as on 14-11-2017
  5. Registration (Enlistment) Fee and Security Deposit Order Dated 10-10-2017
  6. Order Regarding Vidhan Sabha Session  Start Dated 23-10-2017 Order dated 30-09-2017
  7. Regarding Budget Estimates 2018-19 and Revised Estimates 2017-18
  8. Commercial Taxes Department Circular  Regarding Deduction of Tax At Source (TDS) Dated 21-07-2017
  9. Debarring and Blacklisting of M/s Educational Society for participating or bidding for future projects of/or to be undertaken by PWD Rajasthan
  10. Direction for attaching Medical Certificate along with APA and also to Visit PWD CE office to see APAs as per attached List 
  11. Residential Training Programme 
  12. Programme from 19-6-17 to 23-6-17 order dated 12-6-2017
  13. Training Calendar 2017-18 (PWD)
  14. Training Calendar for 2017-18 Letter
  15. Regarding Departmental Inquiry_complement_Lokayukat Cases dated 08.05-2017
  16. Retirement List Of PWD Subordinate Staff order From 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018
  17. Retirement List Of PWD Officials From 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2018
  18. Circular Ensuring Service book entry of Police/ACD and other departmental enqury cases related to employees D-3157 dated 6-2-2017
  19. Posting orders  -Asst OS to OS cum Asst Adm Officer D-22 dated 30-01-2017
  20. Promotion orders-Asst OS to OS cum Asst Adm Officer D-21 dated 30-01-2017
  21. Superintending Engineers(SEs) -Promotion-Posting order_Dated - 08-12-2016
  22. Executive Engineers (EEs)-Promotion-Posting order_Dated - 08-12-2016
  23. Assistant Engineers(AENs) -Promotion-Posting order_Dated - 08-12-2016
  24. Exemption of Toll on Toll Plazas under operation of PWD
  25. Cancellation of Notice Inviting Expression of Interest (No.24/RRSMP/2016-17) Order Dated 22.11.2016
  26. REoI_Consultancy Services to Develop and Implement a Sustainable  Road Asset Management System in Rajasthan PWD
  27. Extension Notice_REoI_RAMS (SPC)
  28. Officers nominated to attend Conference on 'Fast Tracking Road Safety invitiatives in Rajasthan dated 21-10-2016
  29. Residential Training Programme Nov. to Dec.,2016 dated 20-10-2016
  30. Prebid Meeting Notice Improvement and Development od Dak Bunglows Sheduled on 27.10.2016
  31. Superintending Engineers(SEs) -Transfer posting order_Dated - 10-10-2016
  32. Executive Engineers (EEs)-Transfer posting order_Dated - 10-10-2016
  33. Assistant Engineers(AENs) -Transfer posting order Dated 10-10-2016
  34. Juniour Engineers(JEn) -Transfer posting order Dated 10-10-2016
  35. Steno-Ministerial Staff- Transfer posting order Dated 10-10-2016
  36. Peons- Transfer posting order no 271 Dated 10-10-2016
  37. Store Munshi-Beldar-etc-Transfer posting order No 273 Dated 10-10-2016
  38. Scientist-Feroman-RI-Lab Operator-Transfer posting order no 272 Dated 10-10-2016
  39. Cancellation order  dated 10-10-2016
  40. Assistant Engineers -Transfer posting order_No-247_Dated 07-10-2016
  41. Executive Engineers -Transfer posting order_Dated - 07-10-2016
  42. Assistant Engineers -Transfer posting order_No-247_Dated 07-10-2016
  43. Juniour Engineers   -Transfer posting order_No-246_Dated 07-10-2016
  44. Expression of Interest for appointment of consultant to provide "Counsultancy Services to Develop and Implement a Sustainable Road Asset Management System (RAMS) in Rajasthan PWD" 
  45. Transfer posting order of  Assistant Office Superintendent-Addl PS - Steno and other ministerial-staff-D-261-Dated-30-09-2016
  46. Transfer posting order of Class-IV staff-D-262-dated-30-09-2016
  47. Transfer posting order of Work-Charge-Emp- Munshi-Beldar-etc-D-263-Dated-30-09-2016
  48. Transfer posting order of Work-Charge-Emp- Asst Arch-Lab-Operator-D-264-Dated-30-09-2016
  49. SEs-EEs-Transfer-Posting-Orders dated 30-09-2016
  50. Transfer-Posting orders-ACE-SE-dated-27-09-2016
  51. Posting Order of Newly Appointed AENs (Elecreical) dated 27-09-2016  
  52. DLP excel Import Sample File
  53. Training Calender of PWD for the Year 2016-17
  54. Online information updation instructions Dt 26-5-2016
  55. Performa for seeking permission for under taking journey outside Rajasthan
  56. LOC Distribution of RRSMP Dt 19-5-2016
  57. Conferance_Call_Supporting_Documents
  58. Seniority List of PWD Officials As on 01.04.2016
  59. Copy of MOU signed between Construction Industry Development Board  (CIDB),  Malaysia AND PWD
  60. Pedestrain Road Safety Circular dated 21 Jan 2016
  61. Orders, Circular issued by FD along with help manual and help desk contact details
  62. Details-Treasury-Module-with-help-content
  63. Urgent Instructions of CE&AS about Complete Shifting of works Transaction on Treasury Mode dated 12-04-2016
  64. Important Instructions issued by FD dated 20-05-16 and 18-03-2016 to TOs and Works Departments
  65. Help content related to New WAM System
  66. Credit Limit for Ist Quater Ending (July 2016-September 2016) In Respect of CRF Works Dt. 05.07.2016
  67. Pwd-WAM Nodal officer for overall monitoring Dt. 06.07.2016
  68. Credit Limit for Ist Quater Ending (July 2016-September 2016) In Respect of CRF Works Dt. 11.07.2016
  69. A workshop is being organised by PWD on setting up Sustainable Road Asset Management system as on 19.07.2016
  70. Credit Limit for Ist Quater Ending (July 2016-September 2016) In Respect of CRF Works Dt. 14.07.2016
  71. Inspection Note of Secretary PWD Rajasthan Dist.- Alwar
  72. Budget distribution (Credit Limited) Issued of 10.8.2016
  73. Credit Limit for Ist Quater Ending (July 2016-September 2016) In Respect of CRF Works Dt. 26.08.2016
  74. Instructions By Hon'ble CS regarding inter deparmental disputes Dated 31.08.2016
  75. Workshop for Development of Capacity Building Program As on 07.09.2016
  76. NIT No 02 2016-17 Regarding Gramin Gaurav Path IInd
  77. Required Information of Budget Proposal 2017-18 and RE 2016-17
  78. Minutes of Meeting Regarding Updation New Web Site Of PWD Dated 14.09.2016
  79. CIRCULAR - Additional performance security on un-balanced bids
  80. Revised Jurisdiction amongst the PWD Divisions of District Alwar and PWD Dn.New Delhi
  81. Charge of Secretary PWD Rajasthan Dated 05.10.2016
  82. Additional Charge of CeBldgs PWD Rajasthan Dated 05.10.2016
  83. Credit Limit for IIIrd Quater Ending (October 2016-December 2016) In Respect of CRF Works Dt. 04.11.2016
  84. Inspection notes of CE PMGSY Verious location dt 22.11.2016 Barmer,Jodhpur,Dausa,Bharatpur,Sikar&Jhunjhunu)
  85. Credit Limit for IIIrd Quater Ending (October 2016-December 2016)In Respect of CRF Works Dt. 22.12.2016